Sunday, July 10, 2011

Gaining weight ! arrrggghhhh~

LOOK!!! i told ya! arrrghhhhh i really needs to work out! PLEASEeee~

See the difference ??

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Nails art...

This is some of those hobbies i've been up to... manicure ! wohooo... the sad part is, i don't hv the glass shaped nails but who the hell cares... jom cuba!

 First 3 above  were called as french tips... there are many types of french tips, u can google it...
basic things are...
1. Cuticle oil (to maintain the nails healthy)
2. Base coat, to protect the original nails
3. Nail polish (i chose face shop, revlon, sasa, elianto of course, murah kan)
4. Top coat , to keeps the polished nails shines and strong
5. Remover, basically should choose the one with conditioner contained in
- a scarf pin needed to make the polka dots
- a tiny slim brush needed to make the lines...
- paper tapes to make the neat lines for the tips

aku memang minat yg dot dot dot. muehehehe

try it out, get some of the tutorials on youtube chanel ^^